CT10 Automatic core cutter

CT10 Auto Also Known As "The Beast"

The CT10 Auto has been the industry standard core cutter since 1980 with over 1,000 units in operation.  It is a valued asset to our clients due to its, speed, versatility, longevity and quick change over between core IDs (less than 5 minutes) . Built on 1/4" tubular steel frame, with heavy-duty components machined to exact specifications, the CT10 Auto will continue to produce perfectly cut cores quickly and accurately for years to come. This machine is user friendly, including a fully automated cutting cycle, making it a leader in the industry.

To load a parent core, the operator switches the load/run selector switch to “Load” and slides the core onto the mandrel. The operator then sets the end stop to the desired length and sets the target in line with the core. The operator then presses the motor start push button and switches the load/run selector switch to “Run”. The machine will advance the core until it makes contact with the end stop which will start the cutting cycle. Once that core is cut, the machine will advance for the next cut.


  • Standard 60”, 90” or 120” parent core length capability (Custom sizes are available)
  • Accepts 1” – 12” internal diameter cores
  • Accepts 3/4” maximum wall thickness
  • Accurate +/-0.015” cut core width tolerance
  • Less than a 5 minute core ID size conversion process
  • Less than one minute core width change
  • Clean, square burr-free cuts
  • Built-in reference scale
  • Micrometer end stop adjustment
  • Optional items include core support and loading ram

For a more automated version with Pull-On chuck; please see our CT10 Servo Core Cutter