If it has anything to do with corecutting, it has everything to do with CoreTech 

Cardboard & Plastic Core Cutting Solutions

Our team has over 30 years of leading the core cutter industry.

We are the source for your cardboard or plastic core cutting project. Whether you are looking for a Core Cutting Machine, an entire core handling system, a special Core Cutting Application, service for your Coretech machine, a spare part, or blades, please call our office. Core Cutting is our business and you will realize that our leadership position has been established by earning the trust of our clients worldwide.


Our latest innovation, the S SERIES


The S Series; our latest Servo for cardboard paper cores or plastic core cutting machine


The S Series has proven its legacy with 9 sold in 24 months since its launch at the ICE show in 2015.  We have utilized the feedback of customers over the last 40 years and applied those ideas to this machine, making it the ideal core cutting solution for the industry.

CT8; North America's most popular manual core cutter since 1982

With over 1,000 in operation since 1982, our CT8 is a rugged, heavy duty low maintenance machine.  The CT8 will deliver endless burr free cuts for many many years, using our famous kiss cutting method. A new safety guard was introduced in 2015 that has appealed to many users since, and is easy to install on all existing machines.


The SEMI Automatic core cutter


CT10 SEMI; pneumatic cardboard core cutter

Our CT10 SEMI is a heavy duty low maintenance machine with semi automatic cycle and is built on the same frame as the CT10 Auto.  The 10 SEMI will deliver endless burr free cuts for many many years, using our famous kiss cutting method. A new Eaton PLC was added in 2023 which made for a faster cycle time, easier connectivity, more control and most importantly the ability to upgrade to a full CT10 Auto at your facility.


Our bread & butter, the CT10 Automatic core cutting machine

CT10 Automatic cardboard, soft plastic or hard plastic core cutter

With over 1000 in operation since its introduction in 1980, the CT10 Auto is ruggedly built of 1/4"  tubular steel and is a low maintenance machine.  The CT10 Auto uses an Eaton PLC to automate the cutting cycle, and will deliver endless burr free cuts for the life of the machine.


Automatic eject ring for end pieces


CT10 SERVO with the pull on chuck

The CT10 servo is the leading most accurate core cutter in its class, rugged with low maintenance and cuts accuracy of +/- .007" (.178mm). Equipped with an all Allen Bradley Servo motion control electronic package including a 10" touch screen for the operator interface.  Our famous kiss cutting technology delivers burr free, accurate and fast cuts.  All Servo core cutters have our Pull-On chuck which was introduced in 2010.


The Automatic Loader

The CT11 is the most advanced fully automatic core cutter

with full loading of core IDs from .75" to 11.5".  Introduced in 1985,  its fast and famous changeover time of less than 5 minutes to a different core ID makes it unmatched in its category.  It is now built with all Allen Bradley Servo motion controls, and with automatic loading height, all you do is push a button to designate the core ID and the loader will adjust to the correct setting.


Proven Solutions for the Converting Industry


CT14 Auto for large core ID

Since 1984, the CT14 Auto is by far the most widley used large ID cardboard core cutter,  it is operational in just about every mill and metals plants in North America.  It will cut cores from 3" to 24" ID. With our expandable chuck technology it makes loading a core onto the machine more ergonomic than ever before.  In 2020, we added a 10" touchscreen to this model allowing for options never before seen on this series of cutter. The CT14 Series are rugged machines to match the rugged operation of any large ID core.

CT14 Servo large ID coardboard cores core cutter machine

The CT14 Servo has been used in numerous installations in North America since 1994 and with all Allen Bradley electronics since 2009.  The CT14 is capable of cutting cores from 3" to 24" ID and with our expandable chuck it is more ergonomic than ever before.  It also has a 10” AB operator interface that will run all your production needs, storing up to 50 jobs and can cut multiple lengths from the same parent core.  The optional automatically adjusting core support makes loading a core even easier.