CT11 Servo Core Cutter with Automatic Loader Options

The CT11 is a fully customizable core cutting program, allowing the user to pick and choose components to perfectly match their needs. This system starts with a servo driven core cutter with fully-programmable touch screen, similar to the CT10 servo core cutter, with a few advancements to allow for the components to be integrated. The next elements are the loading trough and incline table, which are the most basic components to the structure giving you the opportunity to fill the loading magazine and walk away.

The CT11 is a versatile machine with flexible programming of multiple cut widths along a single core and has the ability to handle non-standard sizes. The operator interface display adds to the machine's painless operation, allowing the operator to enter all production requirements and data. The CT11 will guarantee a clean cut with its automatic knife height adjustment, as well as its knife cut counter which shuts down the machine automatically once the required number of cores have been cut.

 Features :

  • Standard 60”, 90” or 120” parent core length capability
  • Accepts 1” – 12” internal diameter cores
  • Accepts 3/4” maximum wall thickness
  • Accurate +/-0.005” cut core width tolerance
  • Less than a 5 minute core ID size conversion process
  • Clean, square burr-free cuts
  • Automatic core advance-servo motion control
  • Automatic core loading & core eject
  • 10” Allen Bradley operator interface display for entering all production requirements
  • Job storage for up to 40 frequently run jobs