CT10 Semi

CoreTech International now provides customers with the durability of the CT10 in an economical manual design similar to that of the CT8+. This new CT10 Semi Core Cutter has the cut width accuracy of +/-0.010”. More brawny than its little brother (CT8+), and capable of cutting larger cores, the CT10 Semi Core Cutter is perfect for those clients who are looking for a cutter in between a CT8+ and CT10 Auto.

Machine operators will be drawn to the safety features, ease of use and flexibility this machine offers. The operator loads the core onto the mandrel and then pushes start. The operator manually advances the core to the end stop which triggers the knife to make the cut. This ergonomic design will assist your team in faster production times.

A huge advantage to our entire line of core cutters is the conversion between ID sizes. The operator replaces the chuck and anvil by using two bolts. The mandrel and knife are then adjusted and the next ID size is ready to be cut. The entire conversion takes three to five minutes.

CT10 Semi Features

  • Accurate +/-0.010” cut core width tolerance
  • Manual Operation
  • Heavy-duty welded frame
  • Clean, square, burr-free cuts
  • Less than a 5 minute core ID size conversion process
  • 60”, 90”, or 120” parent core length capability (custom sizes are available)
  • 2” – 11” ID core sizes
  • 0.625” max. wall thickness